Why should we eat fish?

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Fish should form part of a healthy diet because it is a highly nutritious food.

Protein: Fish is high in protein which is needed for the growth and repair of all the tissues in our bodies.

Fat: Different type of fish contain different amounts of fat. White fish like cod may contain as little as 1.2% fat while oily fish may contain up to 20% fat. Th fat in oily fish is high in polyunsaturates.

Minerals: Fish contains calcium, phosphorous and iodine. These regulate normal body processes and ensure the proper use of other nutrients.

Vitamins: Oily fish like mackerel, herring and salmon, are good sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. These vitamins are essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Calories: Because fish, particularly white fish, is low in fat, it is also low in calories.
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